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MILVIK Health+

发行商: Milvik
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At MILVIK, we understand that when you are dealing with a health problem, it should be your number one priority. To make your life easier and allow you to focus on getting better, we have launched the MILVIK Health Plus App. It is the easiest way to access and use your MILVIK Packages at the touch of a button.

• What does the MILVIK Health Plus App do?

For existing MILVIK Health Package Customer
 Access to our doctors - access our experienced team of tele doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need, for unlimited doctor consultations.
 Follow up care - receive follow up calls after medical consultation (if required).
 Records in one place - view your medical records at the touch of a button. With easy access to your MILVIK doctor consultation history and your prescription information.
 Package information – view all the details of your package with us; coverage, payment history, nominee and insured relative details. Besides, you can make any change to your subscription at your convenience.

For new Customers
 Sign up – fastest and easiest way to sign up for MILVIK’s Health and Life packages for you and your family. Pay monthly through your bKash account.
 Free Health Screening call – receive a free introductory call from MILVIK’s dedicated doctors to assess your personal health needs or goals.

• How do I sign up?
 Once you download the MILVIK Health Plus App, complete the registration on the app and confirm your subscription through your bKash account

• What are the benefits of joining MILVIK?
 Say goodbye to out of pocket health expenses. If you, or one of your nominated family members needs to speak to a doctor, stay in hospital or if the worst should happen, you will have financial cover to protect your family and won’t need to use all of your hard-earned personal savings.
 Choose health packages that suit the needs of your family. MILVIK Health packages start from just 145tk for single person health cover. You can cover up to 8 family members from just 605tk a month.
 Take control of your life today to be ready for tomorrow. With MILVIK Health packages you can prepare for the unexpected and manage your expenses by making regular month by month payments.

• What is included in MILVIK Packages*?
 Doctor in your pocket - access to qualified doctors 24x7 when and where you need it.
 Hospital cashback - Protection against loss of income if you or a family member is hospitalised.
 Outpatient coverage - including doctor fees, prescribed medicines and health check ups.
 Discounts – up to 40% discount over 200 partner hospitals and labs all over the country.
 Covid cover – included in all packages.
 Natural and accidental death coverage - up to 400,000tk if the worst should happen

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