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Proximus Pickx

发行商: Proximus
价格: 免费


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TV anytime, anywhere and on any device With the Proximus Pickx App you don’t miss your favourite TV content, live or in Replay, at home, on the go or during your holidays. Experience a new way to watch TV, movies, series, sports, … on all your screens, anywhere, anytime…

As Proximus TV customer, you can:
· Watch more than 80 channels live or in replay on all networks in Belgium and the European Union
· Discover the content you love, thanks to our new categories and personalized recommendations
· Watch your favourite content live or in replay (up to 7 days)
· Consult your TV guide up to a week ahead
· Record your favourite programs remotely, and watch them on all your screens
· Play your content on the TV screen via Chromecast
· Watch the movies and series included in your TV options: Movies & Series, Family, Sports and Studio 100 GO Pass, All Stars and All Stars & Sports

As Epic Combo Light customer, you can:
· Watch more than 20 of the most popular channels (live or in replay up to 7 days) on all networks in Belgium and the European Union
· Consult your TV guide up to a week ahead
· Play your content on the TV screen via Chromecast

The Proximus Pickx app is available for free with an Epic Combo, Flex,Tuttimus, Familus, Minimus or Bizz pack and can be used on up to five devices per customer account.

Download the app now and use your MyProximus login to access your personalised Pickx content. No MyProximus account yet? Create your account in a few clics on

More info about Proximus Pickx :
You can contact us via (Facebook)
and (Twitter)


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13130 条评价

Worthless... Each time I wanna watch something it doesn't work.


Okay-ish application... Too bad it can't be installed on an Android TV or Android TV Box (like the Nvidia shield). It had been announced on the forums that an Android TV compatible version would be released with the new V7 decoder but it's not there yet and no release date was given.


Werkt niet !!!


Hang hang crash bit of tv hang crash


Let this app to be available for android tv mostly nvidia shield. Your v7 decoder is an android TV box so it is available just publish it on google play. I have a better device than that. Let me install it on my shield and get rid of buggy decoder. I do not need a discount or anything else. Just let us use our own device.


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