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Videobooth makes it possible to create your own digital guestbook. With the help of a tablet and our mobile app, you can collect personal video messages and photos from all your attendees at events such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, … 
After the setup of the maximum length of the video messages, your friends, family or colleagues can leave a personal video message or photo. During the recording of their video, guests will see a live video of themselves.

Recording a personal video message or photo has never been so easy. To take a photo or start recording a video, guests can push the “record” or “take a photo” button. After pushing this button a photo will be taken or a recording will start after three seconds. In the meantime, the tablet will display a countdown clock. The recording will automatically stop when the maximum length is reached or can be stopped manually by the user. Not satisfied with the result? Just press the “redo” button and start over again until you got the result that you want. The final result will be saved so movies and photos can be watched afterwards.

Start using Videobooth and save wonderful memories!

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