QiBrd REC模块 - 在QiBrd录制

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Adds recording feature inside your free QiBrd installation.

Recording is available for any sound, it stops whenever a sound or a preset is changed.
Recorded files are created as WAV files and put inside the media folder of your device.
The WAV files are encoded with sample rate and bits that match the configuration of QiBrd (and of the device's hardware).

Wav is the standard audio uncompressed format that is used professionally. Audio is not lossless compressed like in mp3 assuring perfect quality. Anyway, wav is not commonly used for audio playback and some devices might miss the needed codec. In that case try to download a good audio player like for example VLC.

Some other time some devices (for any strange reason) can't play the WAV files UNLESS they are moved in another folder.
If you cannot hear from your device the WAV files, please try to move them into another folder or use a different device / computer to hear, edit them and add them to your DAW.

Watch out! Uninstalling this module disables the feature inside QiBrd.

Go and create music now!

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