Magic Cube Blast

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Magic Cube Blast, tap at least 2 Magic 3D squares, understand astounds, impact blocks.

There was a mishap, and the witch stole his gems while the gopher was snoozing.

The witch attempted to utilize black magic to keep the gopher from finding the Magic pearl.

Will you utilize your hands with Magic props to enable the gopher to discover his jewel?

Raise your finger, straightforward tap the screen, with the most captivating riddles.

Burst blocks and make ground-breaking combos to tackle baffles at that point pass levels.

Unravel bewilders with gopher's assistance of promoters and make your pearl legend.

Features IN Magic Cube Blast

Simple and awesome game that anybody can play it.

Well-structured levels, many engaging hindrances make the game all the more testing.

Riddles explaining is fun and furthermore can prepare your mind.

Pass level and gather stars you can get all the more unconditional presents.

You can appreciate solid shapes squashing game whenever and anyplace, as long as you have a cell phone.

Eye-getting interfacial structure and shocking designs.

Staggering end impacts of Magic sponsors: rocket, bomb and brilliant butterfly.

Enchanting ongoing interaction and charming character gopher who can burrow jewel to get present for you.

Step by step instructions to PLAY

- Tap 2 neighboring Magic blocks with same shading to squash them.

- Tap 5 increasingly Magic blocks to make uncommon rocket that can crush a segment or a column of squares.

- Tap 7 progressively Magic shapes to make uncommon bomb, the motivation behind bomb is to blast the huge region squares.

- Tap 11 progressively Magic 3D squares to make unique butterfly that can impact all equivalent shading blocks.

- Boost catalysts to enable you to pass level when you get into precarious levels.

Magic Cube Blast is allowed to download, and allowed to play, so for what reason don't out it an attempt today!



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