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BIGVU - Teleprompter for video & captions

发行商: BIGVU Inc
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BIGVU is the leading teleprompter app with more than 3.000.000 users recording 2 million videos each month.

BIGVU (pronounced BIG VIEW) is a TV studio in your pocket:
- record videos with a teleprompter, or hit record and improvise your script,
- add automatic subtitles in on tap.
- edit captions to your story,
- overlay titles using elegant themes,
- crop your videos to square
- trim in a snap by just selecting words.
- brand with logo and a business card animation,
- add a music background for an emotional touch
- replace a green screen with an image or video loop

Video Maker for Social Posts
Boost your social media channels by creating branded social posts in minutes. Share pro-quality stories to all your social channels, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Join the best YouTube creators & Instagram influencers.

“I boosted my social presence with BIGVU. Every day I make videos that broadcast my voice and style” - John Becker - Coach - Posts every week stories on Instagram and YouTube.

Vlogs (Video Blogs) with your brand and style
With BIGVU, it’s super easy to have your own video blog, a vlog optimized for Google searches with SEO metadata fields.

Video Teleprompter
Teleprompt your scripts. Read your script with a smart prompter and record a video clip from the front-facing camera at the same time. Change text scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording video, lock auto-exposure for proper lighting.

Edit Video Subtitles
Add subtitles automatically with just one tap. With BIGVU auto cap, you will get the BIG video editing experience in the palm of your hand! BIGVU automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard with captions perfectly in sync with your narration.
Add text to video to display subtitles for viewing when sound is muted. With captions, 37% more viewers are encouraged to turn the sound on.

The best trimmer to cut your videos
Cut your videos by just selecting the words where you want your video to start and end.

Boosted Audio
It’s one tap to remove background noise and maximize audio levels.

Video Styling Editor
Brand your story with the BIGVU Teleprompter. Add your custom logo and pro-quality looking titling.

Crop videos
With BIGVU, crop your videos to square for Instagram or Facebook. It’s one tap to select a region and format your video to square, vertical or horizontal.

BIGVU is a WEB and Mobile App
Access from a computer with the same email and password. Create awesome videos with visuals, and stunning text graphics with the BIGVU composer, an online video editor lets you easily edit your captions from your computer. Mix your presentations with photos, video shots, motion titling, and tweets, to spice up your videos and captivate your audience.

Background Music
Add a copyright-free music track to give an emotional touch to your narration.

Intro & Outro
Add a video opener or an animation outro with an elegant business card animation with your business contact info.

Cloud Storage
Upload your clips to to free up space on your device. is easily accessible through a computer with the same user and password.

Chromakey - Green Screen
If you record with a green screen background, it’s one tap to replace the green color with any image or video loop using our advanced chromakey subtraction algorithm.

Video Marketing Stories
Download an MP4 video file to upload in Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove, Kaltura, Buffer, Hootsuite, Ripl, WIX, Vimeo, Lightricks.

Collaborate on Video Creation with BIGVU Workgroup
Get your team to create videos like pros.
- Streamline your workflow - Get your script written by a colleague automatically right in your mobile app.
- Shared workspace - Upload your videos to a shared workspace where others can review, edit and publish the final package.
- Shared Media Library - Organize your brand photos and videos into folders and share them with your team.


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