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Peladeiros Pro Soccer Players

发行商: Welllington Cabral
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The Peladeiros help you manage your football matches best known in Brazil as "Peladas".

Take control of your naked in the palm of the hand with this fantastic and fun tool.

The financial module allows you to manage revenues and expenses of your naked showing how much you have in cash.
Generate monthly automatically for salaried players and know who has not paid .
Never again will your naked red.

You can create teams, choose the shirt and get statistics of wins, losses and other...

# TOPS #
Each match can count points for the player and for the team generating Ranking.
To win , all players and the team will gain 3 points.
For ties , all players and the team will gain 1 point.
To derroras , nobody scores.
While summing point for each player , this format enhances the whole, the whole team because the players tallying points for the team needs to win.

You know the amount of goals , yellow cards and red cards of his naked?
Know which player that played more , won , lost , tied or been replaced?
You know who are the top scorers and who receives more cards?
Know the amount of threats or goalkeepers of his naked?
Get valuable information and disseminate to all your friends.

The Peladeiros draws teams considering up to 3 ways to draw:

1. Order of arrival
  Prioritizes who came first

2 . Consider player position
  Balances the teams taking into account the positions of players . Ex : If you have 4 attackers , will be the first team to 2 and 2 to second team.

3 Technical level
  Balances the teams taking into account the technical level of each player.

You can combine these options and set the draw in the best way.

With this application you can:
- Create groups of naked
- Register to players with 3 positions , technical and photo
- Set the starting time
- Set amount of players per team
- Set up the naked will one or two times per game
- Control the order of arrival of the players
- Organize the next teams
- Replace players
- Mark goal for the player
- Apply Yellow and Red Cards
- Timing ( start , pause and resume) the starting time with the possibility of adding
- Export information to Excel spreadsheets and e - mail to all participants .
- Register the player from the address book
- Send SMS / Email to your list of players advising on matters of naked ( Ex : Sunday will be naked ) .
- Birthdays
- History of matches
and many more...

At the end of each match , the exchange of players who " enter " and " exit " is done automatically with the possibility of manual trading.

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