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eID-Me is a secure digital identity app that is currently available in Ontario (see registration requirements below). eID-Me was developed by the Ottawa-based company, Bluink, backed by a $1.2M award from the Ontario Government’s Small Business Innovation Challenge.

eID-Me digitizes and securely stores government-issued identity and self-managed identity information on your smartphone.

Features and partnerships are now being developed to make online identity verification quicker, easier, and more secure by eliminating passwords and strengthening privacy protection.

eID-Me's digital ID can currently serve as a secure backup of your identity information in case you lose your physical ID documents.

eID-Me can't currently be used as a substitute for legal identification. Our goal is to improve access to services that require verified identity, including government, financial, health care, legal, and more. We're developing partnerships to get that done. Having the eID-Me app up and running is a necessary step in that process.

If you want to help speed up eID-Me integrations and adoption, spread the word. Share eID-Me content on social media. Show eID-Me to friends. If you're enthusiastic, email your MP and MPP, asking them to support eID-Me digital ID. Learn how to do this and find links to share at eid-me.com/share.

Join our eID-Me Members group to receive exclusive eID-Me information, access polls and group discussions, and help shape the future of digital identity. Learn more at eid-me.com/join.


1. iPhone 7 or later (with iOS 13 or later) OR Android phone (with Android 6 or later and NFC enabled)
2. Valid Canadian Passport
3. Valid Ontario Driver's Licence* (with current address) OR Ontario Photo Card (with current address)
4. To be at the address shown on your Ontario ID when you register

*Note: The Ontario Enhanced Driver's Licence is not currently supported.

Don't have one of the required ID documents? Join our eID-Me Members group and tell us what ID you want support for: eid-me.com/join.


You register for eID-Me by taking a live selfie, scanning your ID documents, and submitting for identity proofing while at your home address.

Your identity information is encrypted and sent to eID-Me’s secure registration server for verification. Once verified, an eID-Me digital identity is created on your smartphone using a digital certificate, which is bound to an anonymous identifier and your identity information.

You then have a secure, portable digital wallet which can be used in online and offline identity transactions (coming soon). No identity information is retained on Bluink’s eID-Me servers.


eID-Me’s decentralized identity model reduces the risk of massive data breaches since there is no centralized store of identity information. Your information is only stored on your smartphone.

eID-Me’s digital wallet is protected on the smartphone with strong encryption, leveraging the smartphone’s hardware security mechanisms, and is bound to your unlock method (e.g., passcode, fingerprint scan, face verification).

If your smartphone is lost, the “Find my iPhone” and “Find my Android Device” apps can be used to find it or remotely wipe your data.


- Secure digital ID on your smartphone.
- Secure digital wallet on your smartphone containing your identity with verified ID information and self-managed information (e.g., credit card and medical information).
- No cloud storage of your identity information.
- Strong encryption and certificate-based authentication.
- eID-Me identity is bound to your local smartphone authentication
- Strong privacy protection with complete control over your identity and information.

Join our eID-Me Members group to receive exclusive eID-Me information, access polls and group discussions, and help shape the future of digital identity. Learn more at eid-me.com/join.

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