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Welcome to MÉDIC Construction, the mobile app for insureds in the construction industry!

MÉDIC Construction is your mobile health and dental insurance app, customized to your insurance plan. It’s available anytime, anyplace.

With the MÉDIC app, you can submit your insurance claims, send photos of your documentation when required, keep track of your file, and benefit from accelerated processing.

No more sending a pile of claims and forms. Make your claims right now with the MÉDIC app at your fingertips!

Features of the MÉDIC app:

• Submit a claim from your smart phone or tablet – it will receive accelerated processing.

• Check the eligibility of or reimbursement estimate for prescription drugs and certain future expenditures (prescription glasses, paramedical care, etc.) – you’ll get an immediate response.

• Find a healthcare supplier near you.

• View your claim history – access details of your previous claims.

• Present the digital version of your new MÉDIC card to your participating healthcare and dental-care suppliers.

• Use your MÉDIC card for medical emergencies abroad – the emergency phone numbers are on the back of the card.

To access the app:

- You must be registered for the online services of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). To register, go to sel.ccq.org.

To use your digital card:

- Download it from the app and keep it in the application of your choice: Google Pay on Android (Google).

To find out more: www.ccq.org/medicenligne

Keep your documentation:

- IMPORTANT: Because everything now takes place online, you must keep the original versions of your claim documentation (invoices, prescriptions, and other documents) for one year following submission of the claim.

At any time, the CCQ may ask you to supply the documents justifying your claim.

To accelerate the reimbursement process:

- Register for direct deposit at sel.ccq.org. Go to the “Dépôt direct” section. Enter your banking information (as provided on a cheque or on your online bank account).

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