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"Notification log" is an application that records notifications sent from various applications and can be confirmed later. It can also be used for avoiding the reading of apps that don't want to be read, such as finding out apps that send unwanted notifications or Twitter DM.

■ Record notifications
-If you have a lot of apps, notifications will accumulate in the notification area. I thought I had confirmed everything, and pressed the “Delete All” button! There was a notification that I haven't confirmed yet ...
-I'm busy now, but I thought I'd check the notification later, but it disappeared when I restarted the device ...

There are many things.
However, once deleted, notifications will never return.
This app records the notifications sent from the app and can be confirmed later.

☆ Features
▼ Easy to see and operate
-When displaying a list, only a part of the notification is displayed and it is easy to find the target notification.
-Tap the notification to see the details of the notification. Details such as "Notification title, notification text, app icon, date and time ... etc" are displayed in an easy-to-read manner
-Supports many gesture operations. For example, if you want to return to the previous screen, swipe from left to right.
-The initial settings are all guided by the app. If you follow the instructions displayed at the first startup, the initial settings are complete.

▼ Notification history for each application
-On the home screen, history is displayed for each app. You can also see the history number for each app.
-Of course, you can list all notifications.

▼ Abundant options
-You can set whether to record notifications without titles or notifications with no notification text.
-Up to 50000 notifications can be recorded. It will be further increased in future updates.
-You can register your favorite apps in "Favorites". Favorites can be listed separately.

▼ Backup function
-Even if you uninstall the app or change the model, you can restore the history if you make a backup.
-If you set "automatic backup function", it will automatically back up regularly.
-If there is a backup file, it can be automatically detected and restored. There is no need to do anything to restore it.

☆ Required authority
-Use to get ads.

-Used to create a backup file

-Used to record notifications

☆ Inquiries
For inquiries, please send an e-mail to "". In that case, please make settings so that you can receive emails from this email address. If you have made settings such as PC mail rejection, please cancel this as well. Please note that it may take up to 1 week to reply to your inquiry.

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