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Camera Translator: Photo, Text

发行商: App_Evolution
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This translator can photo translate and voice speech in nearly any language in the world. It will take you just a few seconds to install it and one minute to figure out how it functions. This app will make your life easier in any environment: when you study, work, travel, socialize and have fun.🌎

When you open the app, you'll see the following buttons on its main screen:

✅ Camera translation
✅ Voice translation
✅ Conversation
✅ Gallery translation
✅ Object translation

To access the main menu, you should push the button with two horizontal lines in the top left corner. There, you'll be able to choose among such options as Change Language, Rate the App, Share the App, Check Privacy Policy, Restore Purchases, Switch to Dark Mode and so on.

Picture Translator 📸

There are two ways of using the photo translator. You can push either the Object Translator or Camera Translator button.

Then, you should do the following:

1️⃣ Point your smartphone's camera at the object or text.
2️⃣ Let the camera recognize the text.
3️⃣ Crop the photo, if needed, using the in-built tool of the image translator app.
4️⃣ Wait for around one second.
5️⃣ Read a high-quality image to text translation.

The process is genuinely easy and you can't possibly make any mistakes.

Text Translator 📃

To translate spoken language, you should do the following.
1️⃣ Push the Conversation button.
2️⃣ Choose the necessary pair of languages at the bottom of the screen.
3️⃣ Push the mic button and let the app listen to your speech.

Otherwise, you can opt for Voice Translation. There, you'll be able to do the same — that is, push the mic button and let the app listen to your speech. Alternatively, you can manually type the text into the corresponding field and push the loudspeaker icon. In this case, the app will loudly and clearly pronounce the text that you entered 📲

This language translator can work with texts of any level of difficulty. It can understand greetings, casual dialogs, road signs, restaurant menus, emails, chatbots, manuals, news, songs, articles and many other types of texts. The vocabulary of the app is constantly expanding 📚

Even if the original text contains grammar or spelling mistakes, you'll be able to understand the meaning correctly. Even if the speaker has an accent, the app will cope with it.

This translation app is entirely safe and its interface is intuitive. It is very reliable and consumes minimum Internet traffic.


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