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White Balance Color Temp Meter

发行商: Folkstedt
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Have you ever experienced that the colors of your photos does not seem to correspond to the colors of the scenes in front of you? Let this app help you to get more realistic and better looking photos!

This app measures the color temperature of the lighting so that you can set the appropriate white balance setting on your camera. You can also use it to measure the approximate Kelvin temperature on LED lamps and other light sources.

Problems have been reported on a few Android(TM) devices and therefore we now offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you are not happy with the performance of the app on your device, send an email to with the Google Purchase ID and you will get a full refund. Valid within a whole month from the date of purchase.

How to Use the App?
Find a surface that is white or gray. A white paper with or without text works perfectly. Just make sure to avoid any colors. Point the camera towards that surface and click the Analyze button. The app will then show the measured color temperature of the light that falls on that surface. The app will also recommend a white balance setting for you to use on your camera in these lighting conditions.

What is Color Temperature?
Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that measures the hue of light from a light source. Color temperatures are usually measured in Kelvin (K). Low color temperatures (below 3000 K) are called warm colors (red and yellowish white) while high color temperatures (above 5000 K) are called cool colors (blueish white). Technically the color temperature is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that of the light source.

When is Color Temperature Important?
Color temperatures are of special interest in all kinds of color photography. The human eye easily compensates for the color temperature of different light sources. Most cameras today have a feature called Automatic White Balance, AWB, which tries to do the same. In some conditions this works OK, in other conditions the results are poor. Many photographers therefore prefer to manually set the white balance value on the camera to match the color temperature of the current scene. With this application you can measure the color temperature before doing the white balance setting on you camera to get a more accurate setting.

You can also use this app to learn about the color temperatures in your environment. With this knowledge you can develop a better understanding of how the color temperatures varies which helps you when you are trying to master the light and colors in your photography.

How Accurate are the Measurements?
To measure the color temperature accurately is a complex issue. On an Android(TM) device is it complicated further by the fact that all devices are slightly different from each other. See the measured values as fairly good approximations.

Got Feedback on the App?
Please send any feedback, ideas or improvement suggestions on the application to


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Schätzeisen, dazu reichen auch meine Augen.


Scheinbar zu Geräteabhängig. Bei wir werden 3200 als 3800 gemessen, dann ein Sprung auf 4500 bleibt bis ca. 5500 und springt dann auf 6500, 7500 werden als 6500 angezeigt. Referenz ist eine Durchstimmbare LED mit CRI besser 90. Lichtquelle wurde gemessen mit Konika Minolta CS200 Color Meter. Schade das man nicht auf eine Referenzlichtquelle kalibrieren kann. Für mich mit dem Samsung A40 unbrauchbar.


App sehr genau auf dem Galaxy S6. Top


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