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This app from the appolino series is about adding and subtracting numbers. The range of numbers up to 20, to 100 and to 1000, working with blocks, number lines and value charts are taught and practiced. The number pyramids combine adding and subtracting. Appolino Plus& Minus is based on the curriculum of the first years of school.

appolino® Plus and Minus is a child-friendly and didactically considered learning app for mathematics. It is meant for young clever minds from 5 to 10 years who want to learn with playful elements at their own pace. Through differentiated learning activities within the 9 modules and 54 levels, they will acquire a solid knowledge of and skill in the field of addition and subtraction.

This app is available in two versions with an identical content. However, unlike the multi-user version (in which 4 levels are available simultaneously ) this single-user version can only deal with one learning level.

For didactic reasons appolino apps are not designed for iPad mini. Therefore, the apps may (under circumstances) only be operational on a limited basis.

This version offers…
… an additional 45 levels with diverse, attractive learning activities.

… a retainment of what’s learned, which stores the current level of achievement and enables a continuity of the learning process.

... an adaptive control of chosen tasks, which makes learning sustainable and prevents boredom.

... A training mode for a specific selection and in-depth examination of content, which also allows both teachers and parents to try out the app.

All the apps of the appolino-series were developed specifically for the iPad and offer the joy of learning with optimal success! Don’t forget to check our further apps.

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