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PostCard Creator

发行商: Post CH AG
价格: 免费


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PostCard Creator - Send any number of your photos as postcards

Wherever you are, with PostCard Creator you can send one free postcard directly from your smartphone every 24 hours and an unlimited number of postcards from CHF 2, each in A6 format.

You can design paid postcards from CHF 2 each at any time and have them delivered by A Mail. The paid postcards also have no advertisements, giving you more space and greater creative freedom.

In order to register, your home address must be in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Don’t miss out: install the PostCard Creator App today.

– Format: 105 × 148 mm
– Paper: 260 g/m2
– Front with a gloss finish

– Paid postcard: sent by A Mail within Switzerland and internationally
– Free postcard: sent by B Mail within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
– You will receive confirmation by e-mail once the card has been mailed
– No correspondence will be entered into regarding the mailing of free postcards

We look forward to receiving your postcard orders.
The PostCard Creator team


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5241 条评价

Extremly buggy implementation. If I switch between apps (maybe to ask for an address) and come back, often the previously typed message is lost and I have to start over. And often I cannot even log in. If I enter my credentials, I end up at the login screen again, and this goes on forever.. Two stars because you can send free cards (If you manage to get around all the bugs) Edit: now I can't even send any cards anymore ("Error, an Error has occured" wow, really useful error message, thanks)


Nooo! Why do you enforce a minimum textsize again? In previous versions you could just zoom out more if your text was too long. This was great! Please allow small text again on the free cards, as in previous version! How can I downgrade??


Funktioniert wieder.


doesn't work anymore with Android 11. Foto upload isn't possible anymore, I had to delete the app an reinstall to get it working again. it only worked for one more card :(


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