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SmartWay is your intelligent travel assistant for smarter mobility. The app shows you all the current modes of transport and suitable connections near you. It learns from your travel habits and gets better each day:
– Live map with all modes of transport and connections
– locations and availability of shared mobility options
– Live ticker in the event of disruptions
– New: direct booking of e-scooters

With SmartWay you can take the first step into the future of mobility. As a user you are one of the pioneers and can help improve the app all the time. Here’s what else the app can do:
– Next-step suggestions: the app plans ahead for you. Below the map your next connections are displayed. You are always up to date, even in the event of disruptions.
– Departure board: overview map with current public transport timetable data and disruption notifications.
– Shared mobility: displays availability and locations for e-scooters, car sharing and bicycles.
– SwissPass Mobile: your public transport travelcards are displayed digitally. All travelcards (GA, Half Fare, seven25 and regional ones) can be presented conveniently with SmartWay. Simply launch the app and show the conductor your SwissPass Mobile screen.
These are the core functions of SmartWay:
– Live map: transport options near you at a glance
– Shared mobility: availability and locations
- Booking: book e-scooter, car-sharing and bike offers from all major providers directly in the app. This function is currently available for TIER offers.
– Public transport departure board: visible with one click
– Next-step suggestions: individual suggestions for the next departures on your usual routes
– Door-to-door comparison: multi-mode trip enquiry with public transport, e-scooter, bicycles and car sharing
– Live ticker: full, live information on the current situation in the event of disruptions
– SwissPass Mobile: digital display of your public transport travelcards
– SwissPass login: access to all functions with a single login

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