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Ultra Cleaner PRO - Clean&Boost Your Phone

发行商: Polutech Apps
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Ultra Cleaner PRO is here for 2020 It speeds up your device by removing junk and hidden processes that are slowing down your phone. It can make your device run as if it was brand new. If you use Ultra Cleaner PRO daily your phone will be running faster than it ever has before. It safely removes junk and cache that is slowing down your device

Check Your System Performance 🚀
Monitor your CPU usage and see what is causing your phone to run slowly. Utilize your CPU to it’s fullest and most efficient capacity to make your device run lightning quick. Releases unused RAM and CPU to make your phone run at it’s true speed.
Keeps phone at safe temperature ❄️
Ultra Cleaner PRO uses special AI technology to detect apps that are making your device overheat and causing it to run slow and your battery to drain. Make your battery life longer by running Ultra Cleaner PRO today.
All Your Important Information Is Safe 💾
We protect your important documents, music and every other important storage on your device. We only clean unnecessary data that you didn’t even know was there. Boost the speed of your phone by up to 70%
Simple to Use – Boost Your Phone in 2 Clicks 📱
Our Ultra Cleaner PRO is super easy to use with an interactive and intuitive user-interface even the most beginner user can clean and boost their phone in no time at all. Most other cleaners put a lot of strain on your device but with ours it is completely different – You wouldn’t even notice it was there.
Battery Stabilization 🔋
Ever notice that your battery just drains for no real reason and sometimes lasts longer than others? Our cleaner monitors and checks the lithium ion levels of your battery and ensures battery gets even distributed to ensure it can last longer after every single charge.

Take back control of your device – Applications are taking advantage of your device and burning your battery and the overall performance of your device. It’s time to take back full control of your device and put in place measures to protect your device from dangerous applications and over use of the memory of your device. Ultra Cleaner PRO is a professional phone cleaner that is used by millions of happy users across the globe. It offer superior protection for your device.


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