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Stay focused and improve productivity with BlockSite! Block any distracting or harmful websites and/or apps and break bad habits today - no self control required!

BlockSite prevents any app, website or social media site from distracting you when you need to concentrate to get things done! ✅ Get more productive, reclaim control over your time and free yourself from all distractions with BlockSite - the No.1 productivity tool!

Every time you try and enter a website you've blocked you’ll be greeted with funny Images 💩and motivational quotes to get you back on track!

Control procrastination and start getting things done!

🔷How it works

1. Content Filter
BlockSite’s content filter allows you to block ALL distracting websites, apps or social media sites that waste your time while you need to work.
2. Time Management
Control when apps and URLs are prohibited and when you have access to them during your daily schedule with the ‘Work Mode’ and ‘Scheduling’ features.
3. Self Control
Become more mindful, productive and meet your life goals by scheduling when you can use installed apps on your device or when you browse certain websites. You can decide the time frames and once the scheduled time duration is over, you’ll be able to visit the websites and apps again.


★ Website Control 📴
BlockSite is a cross-browser website/URL blocker that helps you to control your website usage and manage distractions.

★App Blocker 📵
BlockSite will block any installed app on your mobile phone that keeps you from staying focused. You can set your own app time limit and schedule to make sure you stay focused and improve productivity.

★Content Filter 🧹
BlockSite allows you to manage which content you see on your device and when.

★Phone Addiction Control 🤳
BlockSite can help you overcome your addiction to your mobile device and provide that much needed digital detox!

★Social Media App Blocker 📸 🏞️
Set a time limit for each social media app on your mobile device and increase your productivity and concentration in one click!

★Scheduled Blocking⏳
BlockSite is a great time management app that allows you to control when listed apps and URLs are blocked and when you have access to them. Set up your own schedules and daily routines when you need to stay on track.

★Permanent Blocker 🛡️
A permanent block is also available, for when you need to stop browsing certain apps and websites for good. No self discipline required, just a couple of clicks to set this up and you’ll be good to go!

★ Work Mode 💼
When productivity is key, use the ‘Work Mode’ feature to avoid specific websites or apps.
Work mode will help you to work and take breaks at certain intervals.

★Work Hard, Play Hard. 👩‍🎓
Lock your timer on BlockSite to stay focused during your studies. You can now limit the time spent on apps and temporarily avoid them during important study periods.

★Porn Blocker 👈
The built-in porn blocker blocks all known adult sites by default making sure you are free from addictions and inappropriate content.

★ Password Protection 🔐
Protect BlockSite from being changed and/or deleted from your devices with password protection. You’ll get alerted should someone else try and remove the app or delete it! You can set this up either by pattern or passcode.

★Sync 📱↔️ 💻
Make sure all of your blocked sites and apps are aligned between your devices by syncing BlockSite from desktop to mobile.

More premium features are coming soon! 😍


BlockSite helps you stay focused and avoid distracting websites and apps by using Accessibility services to block them from opening. As part of this process, BlockSite receives and analyzes aggregated de-identified information about your mobile data and app use. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:



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