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Spoon | Audio Live Streaming & Podcast Platform

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🎉 Spoon, the audio platform loved by 30M+ people worldwide 🎉

🔥 Discover new creators daily 🔥
🙌 Join our community and find your fam 🙌
✨ Share your voice and ideas with like-minded people and make friends ✨
😊 No ads / No subscriptions / Always free 😊

Spoon is an audio live streaming platform that makes sharing your voice easy. Listen to live streams, music, podcasts, and chill with new friends!

Discover and connect with supportive community members who can relate to you. Don’t be afraid to share the REAL you!

Support your fave DJs with likes and digital gifts (Spoons) during the live stream.

👇👇 Check out some of Spoon’s cool features 👇👇

🎶[!live!] 🎶
- Live stream up to 2 hours from your phone!
- Invite guests to co-host through the Live Call feature.
- Tune in to your favorite DJs on-the-go and never miss out on the latest streams.
- Monetize your live content and grow your audience to gain more exposure.

🎙️[!cast!] 🎙️
- A recording studio in your pocket.
- Hit record to capture ideas or save your live stream for later.
- Browse trending podcasts on music, comedy, daily life, games, advice, relationship, ASMR, motivation, storytelling, and honestly so much more.
- Customize your listening experience by rewinding or skipping to the good part!

- Start a voice-only message thread. Post a 30s voice message on your favorite topic to start a convo.
- Be more personal with your messages. Audio makes it easier to share your feelings.

- Explore using the NEW AI-curated recommendations for DJ, Live, Cast, and Talk.
- Search directly from a wide selection of content creators to always be inspired and entertained.

- Set yourself apart with a voice introduction. Introduce yourself to your fans and friends.
- Upload your profile picture to express yourself and help others to get to know you.
- Post on walls to stay connected with your fans and friends.

💻 Website:
📺 YouTube:
👍 Facebook:
❤️ Instagram:
💃🏾 TikTok:
🐦 Twitter:

💖 In the Spoon app, “Profile> ☰> Contact Us> Contact Us”
✉️ Customer Support

- None

- Microphone: Permission to use LIVE and Voice content
- Storage space: Permission to save LIVE and Voice content
- Phone: Permission to use the LIVE Call during live stream
- Address Book: To prevent abuse of free spoons


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It's a really cool app and I found some great stuff here and I really enjoy it


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