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Math is everywhere and now you can put your self in to the test, with Yammu math skills that will improve yours in no time.

If you found it hard to calculate different exercises when you were at college or even when you were at school, you can give it a practice today. Once you will have more knowledge you can use it to pass it on to your children�s. Passing on knowledge is highly important and it�s the essence for getting smarter and learning from your mistakes, in fact it doesn�t matter how many errors you make the most important thing is that you will learn from them and improve, so each day that gets by you will learn something new as little as it may be, and you improve, you think and you try your best to become better.

Try some of the exercises and if they are easy for you, you can always set the difficulty to a higher level, so it will match what you are looking for. See if you can solve some of the exercises and if they do challenge you.
Take the time to think on each one before you answer. Taking the time and thinking with all your mind power, is crucial for getting the best results, if you want to reach to the best places, you need to use your mind and therefore you can excel in here.

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