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Pikkuli - Play and Find

发行商: Pikkuli Games - Aittokoski Experience Ltd
价格: 0.65 USD


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Children’s Animation series: Pikkuli is now available as fun games!

Play house with Pikkuli’s family & friends. Countless fun activities awaiting to be discovered at both home and outside:

* Pick up and move characters around for play or just to see how they react
* Try different hats on characters and make them hold items
* Prepare food and see how Pikkuli characters like it
* Change the mood inside by adjusting lighting
* Make drawings, squish the berries, pick up and throw items
* Yack Toto the house pet poops!
* Change the decoration, rearrange paintings
* Make characters sit, eat, jump on bed or even sleep!
* Stack up items and make a mess…
* ...or clean it up by collecting the trashes
* Collect your characters on branch and take them outside !

All these activities are waiting you in the Pikkuli Play and Find! See what discoveries you will make together if you play with your friends.

Pikkuli Playground is a game family where you can experience the joy of child’s play in relaxed digital environment. In every Pikkuli game you can earn fun stickers to add to your sticker book! See if you can gather them all!


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