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Appsticker Pro [Quick Launch]

发行商: kim j.h
价格: 2.49 USD


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You can run the Apps instantly without going to the home screen to look for Apps.

Setting the frequently used app allows you to easily use the program by showing the icon of its designated app on the screen all the time.

Setting the frequently used app allows you to easily use the program by showing the icon of the app on the screen all the time, and shaking and using home key enable you to use the quick play and conversion.

You can show the icons categorized by apps or show one main icon for app conversion.

Also, you can register the apps particularly on the side bar and use a quick start by seeing the left or right slide(side bar).

You can change the location of a side bar button(handle). (As you press and hold the side bar button for more than one second, move it up or down to change the location.)

***When you use home button, home button conversion can be slowed down because of S voice, so please change the setting for S voice.

-> S Voice Home button, change the settings: S Voice Run -> smart phone's menu button -> Settings -> Open the home key release

From the settings you can choose which apps you want to create a shortcut for on your device. On top of that, of course, you can place the shortcut icons wherever you please. Want them in the margins? Margins it is, then. Or maybe the center of the screen? Well, that's possible too. You have total freedom to decide where in your screen they should go. You can even set the opacity and size of each icon separately.


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