Multiverse Tournament: Jiren Goku

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All dragon warrior are stronger after 1st the universe tournament end. But the story has just begun, many dragon heroes from
furture appear with secret purpose, and gaint power. All of them can be transform to other shape and increase level of power.
The mision of goku and his friends - kai teams is find the purpose of super fu and his future team and discover some secret planet as prison planet saga.
But all of super saiyan team are not strong enough, so just can choose 5 strongest dragon warrior and they have to organize new tournament
to choose the best team. It promise that, this will be the epic battle tournament with many new strong skill , new dragon warrior heroes and new transform.

Join our Multiverse Tournament: Jiren - REBORN BY FAN you will :
- join a super saiyan and other dragon warrior heroes of Multiverse Tournament
- Choose favorite from 50 heroes
- Verus, story mode, training mode, survival mode
- Win each battle and collect Zen to unlock more mystic powerful character
- Button easy control : move, punch, hit, block, jump, ki charge, transform, skill , ultimate skill
- Combo button to make hidden ultimate skill: move + A,B,J,K

This game made by fan, free and not for commercial

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