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Welcome to the fruit machine that literally never sleeps

With all the atmosphere and games of a Las Vegas Casino. Can you hit it big in the in the Crazy Casino?

Use your Skill and Luck to hit the massive £250 JACKPOT

Play the Reels to gain yourself cash wins. That can be gambled however you like on the Roulette gamble.

Whilst playing the reels transfer your bank balance to credit using the coin slot.

Use the below functions to acquire a winning combination.
- Holds: Hold matching symbols to get a winning combination
- Nudges: Use nudges when available to get the best winning combination
- Winning Shuffles: When you nudge and no winning combination is received, will you get a free winning shuffle?

Roulette Gamble

Gamble your cash win on a standard European Roulette wheel. Place your chips and hit the Spin, to spin the Wheel.

Bet Red or Black, Odd or Even, High’s or Lows, Thirds, or pick numbers direct. All your favourite gamble options are here

Wheel Of Fortune
From the reels you can also gain entry into the Wheel of Fortune feature

Spin the Wheel of Fortune to increase your win. But don’t get too greedy as hitting bankrupt as it will reduce your win. Once complete the cash win can be converted to chips and played on the Roulette Gamble.

Bonus Boxes / BlackJack
Maybe from the reels you be randomly awarded the Bonus Boxes feature. Where you can play Blackjack to win the big money. Wins include anything up to and including the massive £250 JACKPOT or maybe even the CASHPOT

IMPORTANT NOTE: When your credit is exhausted and your bank is empty press on the "CAsh Blender" banner in the lower reels screen to receive more FREE credit

Please Note: On this same basis please note this is emulation only, no money will change hands on it and you will not be asked for pay for anything, nor will you receive any winnings

It is purely for fun and hence the credit is 100% free to play

machie the fruit machine


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