VR Duck Hunting

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Long time no travel? Now you can enjoy an extremely adventurous travel without moving any centimeters out of your house. VR Duck Hunting will teleport you to various places in primitive time. Be a real primitive duck hunter, hunt all the year round and immerse in wonderful sceneries: spring in peaceful grassland, summer in vast ocean, autumn in wooden forest and winter in snowy lake with VR Duck Hunting.

Your mission is to shoot as many ducks as possible. The more ducks you hunt, the more gold you earn to unlock all new more powerful guns. There are already 9 (and still counting) guns of different types Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun and Rocket available. Up to 3 ducks can be shot in a time. Achieve all best scores to put all guns on your collection and be a real, skillful duck hunter in virtual reality.

2 modes available:
Normal mode:
Non-time limited session,
Earn gold to unlock powerful weapons, shooting guns.

Arcade mode:
Race with time, 60 seconds each session only.
Shoot fairy ducks for surprising effects and rewards
ducks appear and disappear at high speed, much more duck on the sky at the same time.

▶ KEY FEATURES in VR Duck Hunting:

✴ Only available in Google Daydream.

✴ Playful version of VR shooting game.

✴ Wonderful, detailed graphics for best experience in virtual reality.

✴ Easy and super enjoyable gameplay..

✴ Lots of guns available, different effect and power : Achieve best scores to collect all.

✴ Funny sound effect bring you lots of laugh during playing time
✴ 4 seasons background, enjoy all the year playing and having fun in virtual reality.

Various kind of ducks with different shapes and effects in VR Duck Hunting - VR shooting game will bring you completely new hunting experience in virtual reality:

Wild ducks and waterfowls: Super easy to shoot. Hunt as many as possible to be a real hunter.
Fairy ducks: Ducks from heaven giving you special effect after shooting.
Muscle Duck: Big, blue duck, much stronger than waterfowls, able to suffer from several shootings.
Godfather: Boss of all ducks, guarded by lots of waterfowls, extremely difficult to shoot. A challenge to your hunting skills.

Mr. Duck: Black sky guard wandering around to check and control sky activities. Be cautious not to kill him, otherwise your game will be over.

You might have dreamed about the Anywhere door in Doremons series that takes you to all places you want right in your house. Your dream is now coming true with VR and Google Daydream technology. Let’s VR Duck Hunting in VR store be a part of your story, take you out of busy life to virtual reality, enjoy best gaming and hunting, shooting experience. Enjoy the peace and go on the hunt for completely new experiences with friends and family like never before.

▶IEC Corporation:
- Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTAMobile/
- Support email: support@ieccorp.vn
- For business inquiries: games@ieccorp.vn

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