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Soul essence: adventure platformer

发行商: EDi iLab game
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Soul essence: Adventure platformer is a full-fledged combination of action RPG and 2D action platformer with pixel graphics.
2D RPG action adventure where the main character is a classic warrior with a shield and a sword, with countless blocks and rolls. You will find a complex classic hardcore platformer, in the style of dark fantasy.

Soul essence, combines the best of two game worlds - classic metroidvania and Soulslike. A modern two-dimensional adventure platformer with pixel graphics, in the genre of RPG 2D action with a plot and boss battles will not make you bored, but will take you back to the times of the best 8-bit games.

2D game with pixel graphics, enthusiastically created by pixel platformer lovers for platformer lovers, which can be played offline without the Internet. The game is included in the TOP hardcore platformers in Russian.
If you like platformer adventures with a non-linear plot and boss battles, then you have found your game. Pixel graphics and offline mode without Internet are a nice addition.


Follow the storyline, explore locations or just fight with opponents, collect items and upgrade your knight! Travel through intricate locations: a castle, a dungeon, a forest of shadows and a wasteland. The platformer is full of challenges, there are no places to save in the levels, after death you will have to start over, the locations of all enemies and treasures will also change.

All levels, boss dialogues and other storylines in the adventure game are fully translated into Russian and English. Translations into: German, French, Portuguese will also appear soon.

Game features of the dark fantasy platformer:
• 2D adventure platformer, with nostalgic gameplay in the genre of action RPG pixel graphics.
• ​Explore the game levels of the adventure game by defeating enemies and collecting unique items and treasures.
• Opponents have different styles of combat: magic, crossbows, shields and swords - variants of battles for different styles of play.
• Elements of the RPG genre will help your hero collect unique items: artifacts, weapons, armor, jewelry. And also to pump the knight's game level, there are 50 levels in the game.
• A separate room for epic boss battles every 5 hours, quite worthy of the Souls series in complexity.
• Attractive pixel graphics, elaborate items, the effect of the appearance of a demon during a battle, NPCs, cultist enemies and pixel animation.
• An exciting adventure through unknown game locations, a random game store, battles with enemies, epic battles and bosses.
• More than 60 atmospheric sounds and music made in the retro style of classic dark fantasy.
• Free levels with the ability to play without the Internet, the hardcore of which increases as you progress.

An exciting adventure platformer with a non-linear plot of the game, will not leave you indifferent:
The events of the adventure platformer take place in a ruined kingdom, which is dominated by the church. In the struggle for the throne, the world was enveloped in chaos, after the penetration of the "essence". A kind of demon, bringing destruction.
The kingdom was on the verge of destruction until everyone was saved by the order of knights, having imprisoned the demon in his world.

True, evil has a habit of returning. A group of cultists, with the help of an ancient artifact, summoned a demon into the world and instilled it into a child.

The child grew up, and at the request of the cultists went in search of three fragments, which, according to them, will help to expel the demon from him.


Meet Oddie, a traveling merchant, he will help in the battle with enemies and epic bosses. In his shop you will find all the necessary RPG items: weapons, shields, reliable armor and jewelry, or you can sell your items found from enemies and bosses. And don't forget about the rare training scrolls and artifacts that will help you upgrade your knight.


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