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Skilled Driver

发行商: Game Worthy Studios
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🚗 Welcome Skilled Driver! 🚗

Are you ready to put all your car driving skills to the test? 🚦 In this exciting game, you can practice and show off your parallel parking, reverse parking, and maneuvering skills!

🚘 🚘. 🚘

We have included two completely different driving styles for you to choose from: Automatic and Manual driving modes.

🚦 How to play on Automatic Driving: Simply touch the steering wheel to move. Need to reverse? No problem, tap the shifter to toggle between Driving and Reversing.

🚦 How to play on Manual Driving: In Manual mode, you get the option to Accelerate or Reverse using different pedals. The steering wheel also does not reset! Manual mode is for experienced drivers that desire to show off their skills.

🚘. 🚘. 🚘

Did we mention all the different levels you can practice driving on?
🏁 Pull up to tons of different parking spots.
🏁 Attempt Parallel parking between other cars.
🏁 Avoid road obstacles such as cones, rails, and even trees!
🏁 Practice some driving around on a roundabout? We have a level just for that!
🏁 Unload the exotic cars from the delivery truck.
🏁 Try not to scratch my paint choffeur!
🏁 Organize the parking lot, just like a professional Valet.
🏁 Drive through a bridge under construction!

Phew! These are just some of the things you can do in this game!

As always we hope you enjoy the game and please let us know of any crazy levels and experiences you would like to have here!

Safe driving Skilled Driver!

🚗. 🚓. 🏎️


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