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A little game that show advices to self cleaning and self care steps
And how to protect our selfs through the living a day
Offline Doctor Games Face Surgery Simulation 2019
play as a emergency doctor and do the heart surgery of patients!
When you are getting older, you will be weaker than young. It is easy to get sick if you don't take good care of yourself. But you don't have to worry about this. Because there is a hospital in the town and there are best heart doctors in the hospital. Reach the ambulance in time and take the patient to the hospital. To cut the skin from the chest of the patient; the doctor needs instruments. The doctor needs to cut the ribs and other veins of the patient body to reach the heart. The ECG machine will determine the heart beat rate at all times. The ambulance has reached in time otherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state.

With amazing graphics and crazy game play you can enjoy this open heart surgery simulation game. The patient is suffering from a heart disease that can affect his arms, fingers and leg movements. You would have played simple surgery and doctor games but this er emergency open heart surgery game is different from them. If the heart does not pump blood properly then he could die. Patient veins and arteries might have been blocked. Ambulance doctor has been checked your heart rate monitor and blood pressure. The doctor needs to know about your medical history first; before treating you. This ambulance heart surgery game will give you a feeling of becoming a real doctor and crazy surgeon. Then send you to the operation theater for heart surgery from heart surgeon doctor in the hospital. This educational game has the best heart surgery simulation on play store. The hospital is full of patients. Kill those germs which are causing pain and heart diseases. The biggest rush of patients is in the hospital; which is injured and suffering from other heart diseases. This doctor surgeon heart surgery game is the new concept in the game’s world. Many patients for heart surgery are coming to your hospital to get their surgeries done. This patient has own heart doctor report with him. Check his report and start their heart surgery in your operation theater. This patient may have been suffering from lungs, liver or a kidney disease. But heart disease is major. First of all, check his heart and take the surgery. The remaining problems are later. Be careful while doing the open heart surgery on your sick patients. This heart surgeon emergency doctor game has so much fun of hospitalization. There is the biggest rush of patients waiting for you outside your clinic to get heart treatment.

As a good doctor in this hospital; it is your duty to take good care of your patients. When the heart patients check in the ER emergency; the doctor should check the patient properly. Each level is difficult than the previous level. After completing the first level you will permute to next interesting level. Download and play this open heart surgery operation sim game. Now, what are you waiting for? Come and join this game! Have fun! Good luck!

It's a fun game for the entire family - parents teaching their children of the different common symptoms, for which the kids generally have to go to the doctor. They play and experience the entire hospital visit in a friendly way. Helping the young children who have got ill or got hurt: aching tooth; smelly mouth; dirty teeth; sore throat; swollen ears; ear pain; mild fever; sneezing; running nose; displaced bone (simple bone puzzle); upset stomach; and more
If you love this game, then let us know and we will create a Vet doctor game as well where you can cure dog, panda and other animals.



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