Doll Castle House Cleaning & Repair Decoration

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Welcome to Cute Doll Castle House Cleaning & Rebuild design and decoration girls games. Christmas is near & This Cute doll wants to clean and rebuild all the trending new year house cleaning and decorations. Enjoy this free Doll Christmas house cleaning app for free.Before Christmas buy your own house cleaning supplies. There are lot of fun cleaning activities for girls in Cute Doll Castle Cleaning and rebuild design game like garden cleaning, room cleaning, room repair and decoration, princess dressUp , kitty cat pets spa and dresses. Be a little tidy helper for renovation and royal princess castle repair activities. Let's arrange cleaning tools like microfiber cloths, adaptable stick Vacuum, dusting kits, ceiling fan cleaning brush, spray bottles for home-made cleaners, steam mop, squeegee, scrub brush, white cleaning cloths, protective gloves, plastic caddy to carry tools, dry cleaning sponge, wipers, Damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinets, old tooth brush and bucket.

Garden Cleanup

Remove the dirt by using powerful garden hose and knock the dirt off after ant stubborn caked on dirt. Remove dust from princess castle garden, soak tools , rinse and dry and then cleaning maintenance , disinfect all germs and sanitise soak.

Room Cleaning

Christmas is around the corner with new year 2020 celebrations. Let's Remove all cobwebs, dust top to bottom including wall hangings, lights fixtures, ceiling fans, furniture and baseboards. Change bedlinen and clean and sanitize doorknobs and light switches. Clean windows and glass door tracks. General tidying up and clean inside and outside sliding glass doors. Dust mop and wet mop non carpeted floors. Vacuum carpeted floors including stairs.Let's do some regular cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms also.

Detailed Cleaning

Clean inside refrigerator and oven, Vacuum family room furniture, clean light fixtures and plush furniture, Roll up area rugs and clean wooden furniture, wipe baseboards, clean under all movable furniture, club bathroom and kitchen floors, clean reachable windows , tracks , sills and frames.

Room Decoration

New colourful chairs in castle house room, curtains, new windows colors, different tables colors, amazing wall hangings. Tons of room decoration items to apply in best room cleaning games for girls and boys.

Royal Princess DressUp

There are tons of clothes, hairstyles, crowns, necklaces and beautiful royal shoes designs to apply on cute castle princess while standing in her castle room.

Royal Kitty Cat Pet DressUp

Give some take care to fluffy kitty pets care and cleaning with some amazing dressUp items for kitty cat. Cute Castle Princess have love and affection for her cute fluffy kitty pet.

Play this Free Doll Castle House Cleaning & rebuild design repair game with you friends and family. Learn some amazing house cleaning tricks and enjoy girly castle house cleaning games. Be the best little helper with castle princess on this Christmas and new year decorations. Enjoy all the activities like Room cleaning, castle cleaning, royal room cleanup, cleaning games for girls and kids, big castle garden cleaning and girls house cleaning in one game. Help this cute magical castle princess in household and housework. Housekeeping is an amazing job to be done while it is to perform in royal castle houses.Enjoy house cleaning skills in girly tidy house care and cleaning game. Download now the Doll Castle house cleaning and Enjoy!



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