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Hole Run Cube and Block 3D

发行商: appstower
价格: 免费


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Hole Run Cube and Block 3D is the amazing hole monster game in which you have to carry sinkhole for eating all the objects that appear on playing area. There are unlimited things, you have to eat in like you are hungry for ages. Don't spare anything just swallow in for filling your stomach. The dark black hole will eat all objects for winning the challenging missions of swallowing all the objects.

This black hole is capable of eating everything except some dangerous objects that can explode in the stomach of the buster hole. In some missions, you have to save your ball hole for swallowing the blocks of certain colors because this will end your mission and you have to restart your eating. 3D holes games are different from other arcade games because in other circle games you have to focus on various things but in this bump sink hole game you just have to control the suck hole for collecting all the objects in the hole swallow buster.

You have to be very careful while playing this blackhole game because there are some objects that are not allowed to eat. You have to eat each block excluding blocks with specific colors. Avoid eating bombs mixed with blocks otherwise, you will lose your hole game. This color ball hole game is different from other ordinary eating games.

An incredibly fun and addictive game!

Your goal is to capture the right cubes and bricks and throw them in the hole.

Move the hole and eat all of the blocks! Finish each level to unlock more addictive puzzles.

How many levels can you beat?


- More than 100 fun and challenging levels

- Amazing 3D graphics like holes and bricks

- Relaxing and satisfying gameplay

Eat the cube!

--- Hole Run Cube and Block 3D ---
- amazing environment
- variety of hole eating challenge
- great big holes
- real falling animation of blocks
- realistic black hole physics
- user-friendly controls
- easy draggle hole

Install the crazy ball and drag your hole to collect all the blocks and cubes to become the hero of all io games.


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