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Blackjack 21 Campaign: Conquer the World

发行商: Lazy Bee
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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A new and free Blackjack 21 casino game experience! Do you like card games such as blackjack, poker, freecell and spider solitaire? Play Blackjack 21 in campaign mode, conquer casinos with your blackjack skills and rule them all! Build your own blackjack empire!

Blackjack 21 Campaign offers a brand new Blackjack experience. Blackjack 21 Campaign is a one of a kind game with its novel campaign mode. There are 21 Blackjack Casinos that are waiting to be conquered by greatest Blackjack player of this world! All Casinos have different types of Blackjack rules which offers you a never-ending Blackjack fun. Can you manage to conquer all 21 Casinos? Can you beat up the croupier in Macau? Can you count the cards in London without getting caught? Will you be able to reach greatest Casino in Las Vegas and Conquer them?

Your adventure will start in a small Blackjack Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Use your money to Upgrade your Casino. Upgrade your Casino's building, tables, managers, croupiers, security and singers. Boost up your income! This small casino will provide you some chips to be spent in following Casinos.

Try your luck in Sydney, fly for the Mighty Casinos of Asia, land of passion. Use your skills to conquer Bangkok, Macau, New Delhi and Moscow. If you are lucky and skillful enough, you can even play in European Casinos. Use your Blackjack skills in Kiev, London, Paris, Rome and Madrid. You will need more and more luck for African casinos. From Madrid, pass through Gibraltar Canal and play Blackjack in Casablanca Will you be able to conquer brave and lucky lands of Cairo and Cape Town? Fly over the Great Ocean and see if your Blackjack Skills are enough for playing in hardest Casinos in South America! Expand your Blackjack empire over Buenos Aires, Rio and Caracas! Rule your casinos, upgrade them and increase your income. Havana, New Mexico and Vancouver will be ready for your Blackjack Skills! Maybe, if you are a real Blackjack player, you can even reach the Legendary Las Vegas! Conquer all 21 casinos, which are all having different Blackjack types and rules. Let the world see who is the greatest Blackjack player in the world!

Moreover, if you have your own favorite Blackjack style, you can use quick play version of Blackjack 21 Campaign. There are more than 150 Blackjack combinations in this legendary Blackjack game!

Are you a newbie in card games and Blackjack? So use our EasyJack mode! This is a completely Fair mode, which only changes card drawing rule of croupier. If you enable EasyJack mode, croupier will hit new cards until 17, even if you already passed over 21! With this mode, your payback chance will be increased in a fair way.

Do you want more adrenaline in your bets? So try our DoubleJack mode, which expands Double Down interval from 9-11 to 9-17! Welcome aboard real gamblers!

So, if one hand is not enough for you to show your Blackjack skills, why don't you enable the SplitJack mode? SplitJack mode allows you to split same valued cards, instead of same cards! Will increased split chance result in more chips, or not?

Can you count cards without getting caught by the Casino Security? Maybe you can try 10 decks of cards in our quick play mode! No shuffle for 50 turns! Can you count all the cards to beat the croupier? Let's show the world who is the greater card counter in Blackjack World!

Moreover, Blackjack 21 Campaign: Conquer the World is a fully customizable Blackjack game! Select cards from 28 different decks and customize your casino table color. There are more than 200 deck/table combinations in Blackjack 21 Campaign: Conquer the World. Customize your game screen and enhance the fun!

Join online leader-boards. We will count all your split, doubledown and blackjack moves! You can show the world who is the greatest Blackjack Player in mobile Blackjack World!

Lastly, do not forget to share the greatest mobile Blackjack game "Blackjack 21 Campaign: Conquer the World" with your friends!


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