Ultimate Arduino Bluetooth Controller

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This is a fully customizable Arduino Bluetooth Controller app for Android. It allows you to connect with a paired bluetooth device (like HC-05 or HC-06) connected to an arduino and communicate with it using a game-controller like interface.

You can customize the data sent to the bluetooth module connected to an arduino on each button press and choose between 2 data transmission modes: Continuous and on press/release. This will decide whether data is sent continuously or on every button press and release, to the bluetooth module attached to an arduino.

This is an ideal app to control RC cars built and controlled using arduino and bluetooth; with the level of customization, you can assign any number value to a button that you want to send to the RC car and control multiple functions on the arduino RC car.
The app also includes a detailed multi-coloured log viewer to see any errors that come up while connecting or when the arduino bluetooth module goes out of range.

In addition to the above features, this app has:

  • Clean and elegant UI with a dark theme

  • Joysticks that can be constrained horizontally and vertically

  • A very responsive UI

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