Coin Shower: Master this casual game tapping coins

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Coin Shower: Tap the Coins to score more points! And be the Master of Coins! Single Player Offline Game! You do not need to have internet connection to play this game!

This game is an offline single player casual game where you tap on the coins to flip them but be careful, do not let the coin go out of the screen (the top most and lower most area) or else you will lose and will have to restart the game.
As you score more, more and more coins will be showering and you will have to keep on tapping frequently to keep up your score!
This game is fun and suitable for all ages! Be the Coin Master now!

How to play:
Tap the Coins to score more points! Tap more to score more!
The more you score, the more coins will appear so keep on tapping and do not let the coin get out of screen or you lose!
The more coins you have on screen the faster you will have to tap to prevent the coins from going out of the screen! You can play this single player offline game alone without having to connect to the internet.

For all the old-school game lovers who are nostalgic to the 8 bit era or the NES era!
Enjoy retro-style 8 bit NES graphics in this old school simple casual game just to pass time.
This game is very easy to learn and is extremely easy to play with no stress and pixel art for eye candy for old NES games lovers who just want to have a good time.

-Single player
-Offline game, you do not need internet to play this game
-Free to play
-Very simple
-Suitable for all ages
-Crispy 8 bit pixel art NES style
-Just use your finger to tap the coins to score
-No in app purchases
-Casual gameplay for all places and times

Age Limit:
This game has no violence and no graphic content, it is totally suitable for all ages to enjoy! This game is for everyone! It is a single player offline game so no need to be connected to the internet to play this game.

Get Coin Shower and be the Coin Master now!



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