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Me Contro Te Hop Tiles

发行商: senna
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hey fans of Me Contro Te songs music
Now you can play Me Contro Te Hop Tiles free.
Let's play this game, Jump to the accompaniment of musica battle from Me Contro Te-luì e sofì. Now you can free play your favorite song to play with hop tiles of luì e sofì Song musica dance.
Come on Play & enjoy the music on the go. Share this fun game as a gift and special music for everyone.

This game is About skill to move the ball on the tiles in front of you. With Tiles Hop: Me Contro Te Hop Tiles.
you can play various types of music that we have embedded in the application, of course with musical accompaniment in game.
Me Contro Te Hop Tiles! it's will be your best game to relax & enjoy.

How to play :

Touch, Hold then Drag to make the ball jump on the Tiles.
Don't Miss the Tiles!
Now you can upload your own songs to play later
Enjoy music and challenges designed for each song.

The ball will jump to Beats Drop. Listen to the beat of the music, follow the rhythm and use your musical reflexes to direct the ball from tile to tile.
Don't forget to make crazy combos and beat your friends' scores.

the following songs Hits Me Contro Te Hop Tiles:

# 101 Per Voi
# Credi in Te
# Dolcetto scherzetto
# Il Mondo
# Insieme
# Kira e Ray
# La Vendetta del
# Like Me siamo Luì e Sofì Sigla
# Me con Te
# Mi Troverai Ai Ai Ai
# Noi No
# Princesa
# Questa Scuola
# Slime Song
# Steve Void Blue Da Ba Dee
# Ye Ye Ni Ni Ni Ni

Game features
Play your favorite songs to bounce along with the music
Touch control to accompany ball tiles, easy to play
Attractive environment and picture effects
really beautiful and nice song to relax
Different backgrounds to give you a new experience every time you play.
Beat your best score and challenge your friends to the challenge
Share your record with friends & friends, compare with players around the world

Bouncing on the magic music tiles, listening to the beats and jumping as much as you can in this incredibly beautiful music game right now Free for all Me Contro Te-lui and sofi Game fans everywhere.

This game will provide a new experience for music lovers Me Contro Te-luì e sofì game Hop Tiles.

friends! completely Free! Play this running music game right now!

so, lets play & enjoy the Game...!!


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