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Pass on 3D, Best casual game 2019. New Free and Level game. If you like level-up and one-handed games, you'll love Pass On 3D, one of the most fun and addictive games.

- 3D offline games for free
- One-handed playable
- Time killer games 2019
- Best Offline Game
- Easy to play and control
- Free game: play it both on your phone and tablet

The perfect choice for those looking for New games, Fun games, Strategy games, Level games, Spend free time and Simple games.

It's perfect for spending your free time on a plane, on a bus, at home, on the subway.

Exciting Games !! Touch, throw and pass the boards without hitting.

Level game lovers are looking for, offline and free game!

Key Features;

- NO unnecessary music playing in the background all the time (You don't have to mute and mute the sound)

- NO unnecessary audio and video effects when you succeed or fail ( only vibration )

- NO unnecessary buttons and numbers on the screen

- NO long intervening ads videos in each transition scene (Banner ad is shown and it doesn't bother at the top )

- NO award-winning videos that waste time to win any prizes

- NO shopping menus that will keep you busy, such as reinforcing your character or similar objects by saving game money, changing the shape, adding skins

- You don't need to do different calculations and research to learn how to play the game ( Just tap to anywhere on the screen)

What's Include;

- Extremely simple design and playing logic

- Interstitial ads showing as few as they should.( It is displayed in every 5th pass scene. You can turn it off and continue in a few seconds. )

- With a size of 11 MB, you can start downloading, playing immediately and completing the levels. Does not make redundancy on your phone

- The game screen contains only 3-D models and boards that you will try to pass behind without collision (As you can see in the screenshots )

- If you're bored of the same professional teams and companies that mimic each other in the play store, if you're looking for games to assess your short-term space, distract and spend your time, it's designed just for you. You will meet your expectations during the time you play and you will not understand how time passes.

Have Fun



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