Jis Dhaj Se Koi Maqtal Mein Gaya

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This "Jis Dhaj Se Koi Maqtal Mein Gaya" beautiful application has been designed By "Rohaan Publisher" for every one who is Craz Of story Reading.

Features of this app are:

-12 Lines Per Page
-Extremely user friendly
-Very attractive layout
-Easy to read /Eye Confort as in screenshots
-Zoom In Zoom Out
-Easy install/uninstall

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All Data Of Application "Jis Dhaj Se Koi Maqtal Mein Gaya" Taken form public domain/FTP .we don't claim any data all rights reserve to respected owner.
We are providing only in an organize way of view .although all text of "Jis Dhaj Se Koi Maqtal Mein Gaya" file send by writer and permitted orally to upload.

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