Trials of H̶a̸r̶mo̷n̷y ~ A Lost Phone Visual Novel

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A short story reminiscent of titles such as Simulacra, Replica and A Normal Lost Phone. Inspired by games such as Danganronpa and the Zero Escape series, Trials of Harmony's narrative focuses around a Death Game told entirely through the perspective of a mobile messaging app. 📱

In this dark narrative you'll find yourself imprisoned thousands of feet underground and forced to lead a group of mismatched survivors through a series of life-threatening games.

Who's behind all of these abductions and blood-chilling riddles?
And why make them go through all of this?
Will you be able to choose who lives...
...and who ultimately fails the Trials of Harmony.

🗝️ Key Features:

💬 Meaningful choices that directly affect the progression of the narrative;
💯 A points-based system that dictates the survivability of the characters around you;
🧩 Logic riddles and word-puzzles;
⏱️ An estimated length of 10 (nail biting and nerve racking!) hours.
📚 An original "short" story, roughly 43,000 words long. Expect lots of reading!

*Please note that Trials of Harmony is currently only available in English*

✒️ Licenses:

"Schmetterling" and "What You Want (version 2)" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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If you're a fan of found phone games and narrative focused mystery visual novels, then you're the sole reason we made this. Enjoy ☆*:.。.o(´▽`)o.。.:*☆

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