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Call For Fire

发行商: Simulation Training Group
价格: 1.99 USD


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Welcome to Call For Fire, the mobile training simulation that teaches you how to Call For Fire and coordinate indirect artillery and mortar fire using Grid and Polar missions.

This game will put you in an Observation Post and arm you with a radio enabling you to rain down hell on enemy armoured vehicles and personnel.

This is not your typical shoot em up arcade game. Call For Fire is a training simulation built by soldiers for soldiers. It closely simulates what it is really like to call in indirect fires onto a target.

The Call For Fire is based on the US JFIRE doctrine and will teach you how to coordinate artillery fire in a coalition environment. The game will enable you to learn the art of coordinating indirect fires.

By playing this game you will learn:

* Correct RATEL procedures for all stages of the Call For Fire
* How to adjust fires onto Line OT (Observer Target)
* How to correctly bracket a target
* How to send in a BDA (Battle Damage Assessment)


1. You are a coalition soldier and are interested in perfecting your skills at calling for fire.

2. You are a military instructor or commander looking for a tool to teach your soldiers how to Call For Fire.

3. You are a soldier in training and want to get a competitive edge on your call for fire skills.

4. You are just interested in learning how soldiers call for fire on the battlefield.


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74 条评价

As a Forward Observation Officer in the Artillery, I think this simulator is very well done.


EDIT- Its ok, I wasn't seeing my distant misses! OK I am in love. Where can I get the full game? Its realistically difficult and I love that!! My only suggestion is dont point out where the enemy is. Mind you, its a trainer, I can imagine maybe you don't get told where the enemy is in the main game. I need the air game!! Where can I get it? Perfect game for me this is. Perfect..




Good basic simulator, would be good to know bit more e.g GTL I assume it is always full zone. Options to change from PD to Prox and different types of missions not just IN. Requires more missions for 1.99 and you only get 10 missions.... Come on !!! Must take seconds to design missions?


Bought this knowing there wasn't much content. But being that it's a simulation & not your traditional game I wanted to support the developer anyway. Problem is there's just not enough to do & it seems pretty much abandoned. I know it's not a traditional game but it's missing many features military personnel have requested. It just seems really incomplete & a "one and done" sort of deal that you can blow through in a couple of hours. Feels severely incomplete.


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