[VIP] Mine Clicker-Reboot Edition (Idle tap game)

发行商: TinyCell
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Please read!!

****The VIP version starts with a total of 50000 diamonds.
****The VIP version starts with a total of 20000 artifact key.
****The VIP version starts with a total of 10000 Monster soul.
****VIP version is equipped with advertising.

Click or tap to destroy minerals and earn coins!

* Use your coin to upgrade your weapon.
Upgrading will make it easier to destroy minerals.

* Raise your level and look for buddies!
buddies helps to destroy minerals more easily!
Use your coin to upgrade your buddies level!

* If you want to be stronger, crafting artifacts.
Having artifacts makes me stronger!

* Once you have enough damage, explore the dungeon.
Scary monsters live in the dungeon!
Fight monsters and get various rewards!
We need steady growth to explore more and more deep.

* You can learn the skill when the level goes up.
Use your skills at the right time!

thank you!

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기사키우기 reboot miner clicker mine tap transcend


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