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Read, listen and learn!
Discover hundreds of interactive books that stimulate reading and learning.
Newly developed reading app for children! Pickatale is a comprehensive library of digitized books that you can read, listen to and experience interactively.
Unlimited access to a library of hundreds of titles – Disney, Postman Pat, Thomas the tank engine and many more. You can read or listen to as many books as you want. We also offer a weekly newspaper called Pickatale News and have knowledge books which cover such subjects as famous leaders, sports figures, music artists, history, human anatomy, astronomy and animals.
It's easy to choose titles adapted to your child's age and literacy. For children who cannot read, it is nice to start with spoken and interactive illustrations.
When the child tries to read for themselves, then the child can tap on difficult words and have them read out loud.

The books can be read online or offline*.
All of our books are interactive; all words and illustrations are clickable.

Tips for reading:
– Start early with reading, when children like to be read aloud.
– It's never too early. Start with your flash card books and books with lots of pictures that you can talk around.
– Reading expands a child's vocabulary
– Reading develops a child's imagination and vocabulary and contributes to good language development
– Children who find joy in books before school age will have an easier start at school
– Reading can provide good experiences that strengthen the parent-child relationship

Reading should be fun and instructive. Therefore, our texts are adapted to the children's age and level.

Give your child the enjoyment of reading.
Reading opens the door to knowledge and entertainment. With Pickatale, you can read or listen to hundreds of children's books - narrated illustrated story books, animated books, audio books, non-fiction titles, Norwegian and English language books, knowledge books and a weekly newspaper. Children can enjoy famous classics such as The Little Prince, Postman Pat and famous Disney characters or find new exciting knowledge books covering a wide range of topics in our extensive library. Choose whether to listen to a book or read it yourself.

It is an important milestone for children to crack the reading code. It opens up a whole new world. Reading is a source of much joy and entertainment for a child. But reading is also the key to further learning, which is important for us parents. Many children enjoy being read to aloud and parents often have fond memories of reading from their own childhood.
Children get a significant feeling of mastery in being able to read an entire book by themselves. With Pickatale, it is easy to choose books by age or reading skills, so that your child always finds a book that fits. We already have hundreds of titles to choose from and add new books every week.

Join our library and find enriched books that stimulate reading. Our technology with the use of interactive books brings entertainment and learning together so that your child can crack the reading code through play. Discover how reading can be fun!
– Pickatale is designed for children and all content is quality assured for children. Once a subscriber, there are no additional costs and no other products or additional costs.
– Pickatale has been developed in cooperation with children, parents and educators.

* Books must be downloaded online

Join into Pickatale’s Magical World, try free for 2 weeks!

Pickatale is a non-binding subscription service. If you select Google Play, your payment will go through your Google account. The service will renew automatically at the end of each period if it is not terminated.

Monthly subscription USD 8,99/month
Annual subscription USD 69,90/year

If you want to unsubscribe, you can do so by turning it off at least 24 hours before the subscription period expires. To do this, go to settings in your Google Play account and Subscriptions.



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