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Block Puzzle Blast

发行商: 139 PLAY
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Block Puzzle Blast Game,
You can use different shapes of blocks in this game.
You fit in blocks of the 8x8 layout.
Triple unlike other similar ones
It gives you the opportunity to blast blocks in your merging.
thus the game becomes faster and more playable.
There is no time limit in Block Puzzle Blast and it is free.

How to Play Block Puzzle Game:

● Drag and drop the blocks into the 8x8 grid.
● To blast and eliminate blocks
fill the lines up or down.
● If you make more than three rows of blocks, you have the opportunity to explode all blocks.
● If there is no space left in the cage, the game is over.
● Try to get the best punan and try to pop the most blocks in the cage at once.

Block Puzzle Game Features:

● No time limit.
● Completely free.
● If you don't know, it's okay, there is a tutorial in the game.
● No Wi - Fi required.
Color blocks
● No permanent ads.
● The most enjoyable and perfect sound effects.
● Classic style graphics.
● Simple and addictive.
● Educational and intelligence puzzle game.
● Unlike other block puzzle games
feature of blasting blocks.

Block Puzzle Game It is a classic block merging game.
However, unlike other similar ones, it offers you the opportunity to blast all blocks in your triple merging. The game becomes faster, more playable and fun. Download now and play with your friends for the best score.


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