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Fluker is a "fluke tracker", allowing you to track anything and everything in your life, and to view graphs that reveal correlations you might otherwise miss out on or overlook.

The possibilities are endless - create a tracker that lets you track how often your coworker takes a smoke break or how often your significant other raises their voice at you -- you can even track how often your crush smiles at you or how often you drink a glass of water. The possibilities are endless, Fluker can help you to track anything you want with the press of a button.

Is it just a fluke or is it some kind of a sign? Maybe it always happens on a Sunday, maybe it always happens around 5PM, maybe it always happens on a full moon?

It's as easy as creating your first "fluke" and adding occurrences to it as they happen.

Fluker makes it easy to become your very own existential detective, highlighting the synchronicity and supernatural connections of your everyday life.

If you like Fluker, let me know, and if there's anything I can do to make it better please reach out. Fluker is still in development and new features will continue to be added. All of the data Fluker uses is created and stored locally on your device, no data is collected from users at all.



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