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If you have been looking for a text translator for a long time, we have brought you one of the best translator apps ever. All you have to do is just snap a photo of the object you want to translate and let the app recognize it, and your translation will be ready within seconds.
The scan translate app makes translation more effortless than ever. Using our new scan translator 2021, you will be able to translate any language you want. The translator app recognizes the text from images and translates it into your desired language.

Why should you use ETranslate+
# The auto language detection system makes your work easier. You will have just to snap, and the app will do the rest.
# The image translator lets you translate unlimited photos with a minimum subscription fee.
# The most advanced OCR technology used in the translate camera app does the work accurately.
# The file scanner supports more than 150 languages, so you can translate in your desired language.
# Translated texts are rendered automatically and directly on the photo.

ETranslate+ will help you in:
# Learning new languages by only taking pictures of anything
# Navigating places, airports, and stations when you are in a new city
# Reading menus and recipes as you can use it as a menu translator
# Translating Books and articles along with instructions and manuals
# Communicating with foreigners when you don’t know their languages

ETranslate+ works in two ways. You can translate objects or texts. If you want to translate an object, take a picture of it, choose the language, and the app will deliver you the translation in your desired language. You can copy and share the translation as well as listen to the pronunciation.
While you are translating a text, snap a photo of the text, put it into the app and the scan translator does the rest.
You can scan and translate any object or text you want. The text translator supports every language in the list of Google translator. You can only click a photo and enjoy the accurate translation done by the photo translator.
If you are looking for a scan translate app free, try our image translator. In-app purchases are available if you want to enjoy unlimited translations.
Install the pic translate app for free and become the master of translations.


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27 条评价

Cost money. Useless for 1 thing


I downloaded this app to translate pictures while in Mexico for a few days, but the app never opened. I attempted to open it several times throughout the day but it kept saying app not responding. 🤔 There are power outages due to heavy snow, I wonder if this reason could be affecting the app. Either way I Unsubscribed so it wouldn't charge me for something I couldn't use even once. It's really disappointing because from the description and pictures it appears to be just what I was looking for


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