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Welcome to My Block - a challenging and addictive block game that will bring a lot of fun to you!

Welcome to the universe of My Block! It is a novice-friendly addictive game, that has constant changes during the game progress, ensuring that you never get bored. You can win only if your mind is clear and your logic is strong. Perfect yourself by improving your high score!

It’s not just an ordinary block puzzle game, but a whole new gaming world based on the traditional concept and able to bring fresh sensation for the familiar gameplay.

Main features:
✔ Simple rules, comfortable control
✔ Smooth animation and splendid graphic design
✔ Two Modes: Normal and Challenges
✔ Variety of challenges with different difficulties, gaming board sizes, etc.
✔ Different tools that you can use for passing the levels
✔ Always progressing to make you beat your own score
✔ Daily challenges for the long-lasting gaming experience

Normal mode:
✔ Use your best skills and strategy to score as much as possible in one round
✔ Game board with no stress and no time limits,

Challenges mode:
✔ Different difficulties, different goals
✔ Different sizes of the game board with creative stages
✔ The more lines you remove the higher prize you get

How to play:
✔ Move blocks across the board
✔ When blocks form a horizontal or vertical line, that line will disappear from the board
✔ Once the block is fixed on the board, it can’t be moved.
✔ When there is no space for the new block, the round is finished

Contact us:
We would be happy if you tell us any advice and suggestion about our game.
Our email address:

Our goal is to deliver you a great gaming experience, so we will constantly work on making My Block more interesting and positive.



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