Super Racing Soni Adventure dash

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let's Enjoy With our friend Super Racing Sonic dash On an adventure like no other, And not only this, we will take an experience together In a super racing with friends
sonic dash And his most known enemy Also known as Doctor eggman's That always brings trouble.Well I won't explain a toy story sonic dash the Hedgehog Famous,Which will take you to the challenging world
super shadow sonick car racing Before we begin, if you are a friend of our friend sonic dash Adventure Shadow super the Hedgehog And his friends Tails, Amy & Rose's, super of mario, And you want to defeat an enemy nickname as Doctor eggman Evil defeat Then you are in the right place,
Especially that you will depend on his beloved colleagues Each of rose's Rosy to color and shadow the Hedgehog So, At the beginning we will show you the content of the game super racing sonic car dash We'll be talking about each character's strengths shadow adventure the Hedgehog And his friends Amy & Rose's, super of mario We will tell you about the surprises and traps prepared by the enemy eggman
and How can sonick Super Race Face it with all his mightn, Difficulties that you will face in a course.

The game Super Racing Sonic racer dash Adventure is Transforming car racing game Inside there are more than 15 characters Including super sonic racer dash and A colleague shadow super dash the Hedgehog And his girlfriend is close Amy & Rose And also, do not forget about a sworn enemy eggman A race begins first with five characters at a starting point Then it starts counting down from 3
To starting There is a myriad of race tracks But each level and its course, You must pass to move to another And so on, with the choice super sonic dash of personality your favourite
whether shadow super the Hedgehog or sonick racing car Silver But you must get money to buy each character And that by first winning a race, Or get it Within a racetrack.

We have 5 powerful characters in the game but all of them and Be careful during a race, We have an example super sonic adventure dash It is very fast It has a top speed and a thunderbolt and we have shadow super racin racing the Hedgehog He is smart and knows how to handle his enemies easily, Using his mind, he's weak point is that it is slow And we have sonic racing car Silver He is strong Destructive, meaning that anyone who defied him loses to him
Easily. And I naturally love his race style His weakness is that he is easily deceived by his enemy's traps eggman and we have Beautiful and lovable rose's Rosy to color Her strength is that she is deceiving her enemies with her charming beauty Until eggman's Fooled in front of her On a track But her weak points are somewhat weak physically.

Game comes after me from surprises and traps That we mentioned earlier Example we have a banana trap Who cast it super sonic adventure dash Beware of him And also the trap of the bomb inside a track and others
I leave you to see it for yourself.


How to play is easier than drinking water Then choose one of your favorite characters from shadow super adventure the Hedgehog And also choose a type of car like kart racing Or any kind you want And choose friends for their duel super sonic adventure world dash, And embark on the most enjoyable race you will ever see.Good luck to you and everyone!

- More than 19 sonic racing dash car .
- Save & Share with Sonic Super Adventure dash fans.
- Zoom in, Zoom out.
- Easy to use, and 100 % FREE.
- Available for offline use.
So, what are you waiting for? download this Super Racing Sonick Adventure game now, and enjoy coloring your Tails, Amy & Rose



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