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Love days counter- Been together apps is a super stunning application made for couples to enjoy their relationship with damn creativity and real charm, helping couple to remember anniversaries and important events together.
📣 Been Together apps This application enables its users to enjoy day counter and measure how many days have they loved.It is one of the most precise application to remember you some important date regarding birthdays and anniversaries and never let you fight with your wife. Lovedays Counter- Been together apps calculates the number of past days from the anniversary and show stuff on the widget, lock screen, and on the notification area
★ O'Clock Love - Been together apps It allows you to manage and remember special dates for you and your partner and took a precise look at how long you have Been together apps - D-Day counter. This app lets you know that how long you have been with your lover, celebrate your anniversary with precious memories, and lot more things
★ Been Love Memory Lovedays counter allows you to add more anniversaries too by bringing multiple anniversaries on the side menu . This outstanding app for couples allows them to enjoy precise management of their special events and moments, and never let you miss any of them.
★ Lock Screen Love This app also lets couples to enjoy lock screens to make a direct all to their lover.
★ More Wallpaper : In the Lovedays counter you can easy select background wallpaper from camera/ gallery . You can customizable background with many picture
★ Effect Love : Many beautiful effect as Fireflies , snow fall , leaf fall , Rain , heart fall , butterfly . It makes your love unique .
★ Customize : With D-Day counter You can customizable every thing . You can choose an avatar via camera / sd card Set your lock screen with your partner's picture (Next version ) .

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