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With the HomeSecure app, you never need to worry, thinking 'did I set the alarm' ever again. In this easy to use app, you can check the status of your alarm, disarm your system or arm it in the Stay or Away mode, with the tap of a button. You can remotely arm your system from anywhere in the world!

- Fully arm alarm system to Away Mode, enabling all perimeter and motion sensors.

- Set to Night Mode, enabling your perimeter sensors, but disabling your motion sensors, so you can walk around your home without setting off the system.

- Fully disarm your system. Returning home, but got your arms full? Disarm your alarm from your app, so you don't need to dump everything to rush to the panel.

- Panic Alert. Single touch panic button feature, sends alert to monitoring station and your fellow keyholders (who have downloaded the app). The monitoring station will check if you're okay and will send the relevant emergency department if assistance is required.

- Create multiple users, so everyone in your family has their own app.

- Get notified when the alarm status changes. View a full history of changes. You'll also receive a notification when your alarm has been activated.

Our latest app notifies you every time the alarm status has been changed. You can also see who has armed / disarmed the system. So you know if the kids have got home safely from school or if you're getting work done in your home, you'll know what time the builders arrived.

If you are getting work done in your home and don't want to give out your alarm code, you simple disarm the system before they enter your home and fully arm it, when you know they're gone. This is also recommended if you have someone minding your home, when you’re on holiday.

The app is easy to use, working off handy little icons, which match your KeyPad and KeyFob.

Protect your world on the go, with your HomeSecure app today!



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