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Phone to Chrome Pro

发行商: Amaan Cheval
价格: 1.00 USD


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Phone to Chrome Pro is an app that allows you to send links from your phone to Google Chrome on your desktop. You can click on links, select Phone to Chrome Pro, and forward them to any of your paired desktops

Note: You need to download the Chrome extension on your desktop from as well!

**WARNING:** This extension is currently only available for users who already have the Android app installed. The Android app has been temporarily taken down from the store while certain issues are fixed. If you've never used this extension before, please consider alternatives for now! Sorry!

Instructions for use:

- Download the Chrome Extension on your desktop from
- Copy the ID from extension to settings page of this app
- Sacrifice a car to Satan
- Click on a link and select Phone to Chrome Pro as the application to open the link in OR open the link in your browser, select "share" and select Phone to Chrome Pro
- Rejoice!

That's all you need to do to set the app up!

Features exclusive to Phone to Chrome Pro:

- Send links to your computer even if your computer is offline (allowing them to be queued to opened later)
- Send links to several computers using the app (the free version restricts you to pairing with one computer)


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