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Green Screen Video

发行商: Android Film FX
价格: 1.99 USD


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Excellent Green Screen or Blue Screen video effects on your mobile phone.

"Chroma key compositing" or "chroma keying" is a widely used cinematic effect where a green or blue background is replaced with a backdrop.
Just think of the weather forecast on the morning news.

Use this amazing effect easily on your phone to make video creations in space, under water or in front of a famous landmarks in minutes. Choose from our built-in backdrops or load your own for a custom creation and share instantly with family and friends.

Green Screen Video produces great results with home-made budget screens.
Quick and easy, have your video shared in minutes.

To read more about Chroma key effects, take a read on the Wikipedia site here:

* HD Video recording with sound.
* Live preview, great for testing out your lighting.
* Video effects such as sepia, ghost and heat vision.
* Snap photos directly to your gallery.
* Supports green screen and blue screen backgrounds.
* Select from our many built-in backdrops.
* Choose a downloaded image to use as your backdrop.
* Near-instant processing, your video is ready to share straight after filming.
* Portrait and landscape orientation support.
* Share on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.
* Video is available in your gallery to share or open in your favorite editing apps.

What screen to use:
* For larger scenes, use any green or blue material or a painted screen or wall.
* For filming figurines or toys an A4 colored cards works great.
* For a budget screen, use a curtain or cheap material - remember to get a bright blue or bright green color.
* Try for uniform lighting on your screen. If you're on a budget, natural light gives a good result so film during the day.

At Android Film FX, we take pride in our software.
If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us as this app is being actively developed and updated.

Thanks for your support,
Android Film FX


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246 条评价

Does not work for me.


Easy to use and it works perfectly


Terrible! I hate it! Thank you!


Best so far


Keep crashing after the videos


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