PuzzleBlocks - Brain Games.

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Try out and play this innovative and fun brain puzzling block game.

This free brain teaser game is a perfect puzzle to challenge your brain on the daily basis and train your intellectual abilities while also having fun. The app includes a multitude of brain puzzle games for kids and adults to solve and enjoy.

Start off by simply placing diamond-shaped blocks on the board to fill it out, watch yourself level up and master more and more challenging puzzles each time.
This puzzling game is a great way to relax, relieve stress and to focus before any important task if need be.

Download one of the best puzzle games for free today to unlock fun challenges, encouraging rewards and interesting levels. Get that block crush puzzle solved right away while also training your intellect.

How to play?

The gameplay of this diamond brain board puzzle is extremely intuitive and easy to follow. Drag differently shaped blocks to the center where the level’s diamond brain board puzzle is located to try and complete the board with the blocks that you are given. Sometimes you will have your board blocked by placing the shapes onto it incorrectly, but have no fear, try solving again and watch yourself get better with this free brain teaser game. Click on the block shapes to rotate them and find the best place for them on the board to complete it. Puzzle blocks brain games are an excellent way to tease your brain intellectually and have some fun time while relaxing.

What does this game include?
- Easy and intuitive user interface
- Simple and modern design
- A multitude of challenging levels
- Stress relieving properties
- Stunning colors and background music
- Addictive blockpuzzles
- New challenges and levels
- Unlimited offline gaming

Enjoy this fantastic block crush puzzle for free without any time limit or need to connect to the internet. The gameplay is so simple you will be able to master it in seconds upon opening the game. Watch the levels get tricky and tease your brain with thousands of new combinations of shapes and boards. Don’t forget to collect your daily rewards and gifts too.

Challenge your friends to complete the bright and colorful levels alongside you. Get those block crush puzzles solved on the daily to keep up with your progress. This brain teaser game not only challenges you intellectually but also relaxes and helps you concentrate before work or any other focus requiring assignment you might have.

Don’t miss out on this puzzle solving adventure, tasteful design, relaxing music and many more addictive features of this modern block game. This game is free to download and enjoy completely limitlessly.



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