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APCOA FLOW | Mobile Parking

价格: 免费


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>>Park easily with the free APCOA FLOW park app. No ticket. No cash. No stress. <<

Our service is country-specific - currently, it’s available for:

> Germany – find out more on

> Italy - find out more on

> Sweden - find out more on

> Austria - find out more on

> Poland - find out more on

Simply choose the country where you want to park with APCOA FLOW, register, and start your first ticketless parking session with us.

Search for car parks at your desired destination or check which ones are close-by - you recognize APCOA FLOW car parks by the green flag on the map screen. How you can use APCOA FLOW to park at a specific location is shown within the car park details.

The following APCOA FLOW parking options are available:

> Park using the app for payment at car parks with pay machines and without barrier control

> Park with license plate recognition – barriers open automatically at the entry and exit

> Park using a RFID card – barriers open automatically at the entry and exit

You can manage all your payment options conveniently within in the app and don’t have to queue up in front of the pay machine anymore. You park ticket- and cashless and you know exactly what you pay.


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966 条评价

Worst company.


Do not trust this app! I bought and activated a 24-hour parking ticket and turned on the auto-renew feature because I would leave my car parked for 2 days. 25 hours later I check the app but saw the auto-renew function had not worked. No notification. No alert. No email. No communication at all. I immediately bought a new 24-hour ticket and activated it immediately. Guess what? Next day I found a yellow ticket on the windshield. I got a fine because the app did not do it's job.


This is truly the worst app I have ever used. They stole money from one of my friends, another friend can't even use it to pay for parking, and I'd rather walk through broken glas than use this app one more time.


Like having a stroke but worse.


Sämsta parkering app någonsin! Kan inte registrera, man blir utloggad varje gång man stänger appen. Gör parkering till en mardröm!


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